What do you want from GOD - make a deal with GOD
Why successful or happy people are more "generous"?
Because they make a Biblical NEDER נדר with GOD via Holy Land Man. The deal is binding and the consequences of not holding your end of the NEDER with GOD are very harsh.
What is NEDER (Biblical Hebrew נדר)?
NEDER is the highest vow with GOD. The preferred way is in writing or in front of a crowd or with Holy Land Man. You may also talk to GOD directly but it’s not as powerful and the risky part is that that you may forget what you offered and you will be heavy punished by GOD.
What do I give back to GOD?
Normally is something called “ma-eser מעשר” meaning 10% of your “benefit” which you donate to the nonprofit code2GOD to be used for good Biblical causes and glorifying GOD and his name.
How do I know the reason for my successful wishing?
If you don’t fully 100% believe in GOD, you should not enter the deal of NEDER because once you did, you are obligated to GOD to act according to your promise and deal. The NEDER can’t be enforced in court. GOD punishes as he sees fit. It’s mentioned in the Bible that GOD states that the punishment is painful 7 folds.
Will NEDER Always Succeed?

It’s like an application with high chances but it 80% of it is up to you: #1 you must have 100% faith and trust in GOD #2 Be visually very clear of what you want. Be able to draw a picture of your wish as if it already exists #3 Make your best offer to GOD #4 Pursue that NEDER as if you’re on your own #5 As soon as you start seeing results, start “paying” your promise to GOD. DO NOT TEST HIM!

NEDER vs Prayer
While NEDER is actually a deal with GOD in exchange for you giving back, you can also ask GOD for a charity act on his behalf and offer him nothing in return. It’s called prayer. NEDER has much higher chance to succeed and become a reality.
It’s easy to ask of GOD. It’s easy to promise to GOD. However, people then forget what they promised, or they think they got it on their own. They then are heavily punished by GOD. NEDER with GOD is done via an authority like Holy Land Man who also serves as reminder.