god encoded his original Hebrew bible with the sacred code2GOD for better life

code2GOD is the art of decoding the original Bible based on GOD’s created Hebrew language. GOD created his intelligent Hebrew language to write the Bible using the code2GOD to explain life. The sacred code2GOD provides the scientific proof of GOD for the first time in history. HOLY LAND MAN was gifted hints of the code2GOD discovery which is based on 10 mathematical methods.

Biblical Hebrew Is The language of GOD, Jesus & Holy Land Man

code2GOD invented by HOLY LAND MAN & Don Juravin
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Loving GOD without Religion will provide us with life's fundamental questions

Why were we and the universe created? What’s our purpose in life? What’s a “good person”? What’s there after death? How to achieve happiness? Who is GOD? What’s next for humanity? What does GOD mean in each one of the Biblical stories? What is the meaning of life? Can we control our lives or it’s up to GOD and “destiny”? How can I have GOD listen to my prayers?

Loving GOD without Religion Is used to better humanity

Personal divine guidance, solving marital problems, sending effective prayers, dealing or improving health, overcoming infertility and faith based successful counseling.

The logical proof of GOD book by Don Juravin and Holy Land Man

What's GOD's original bible?

The code2GOD reveals that the original Hebrew Bible was written by an intelligent designer who created our world. His “Word of GOD” Bible has never ever changed:
  • 929 chapters
  • 23,204 sentences
  • 306,757 words
  • 1,202,972 characters
Any change of even a single character will throw off and void the code2GOD. Therefore, any human translation nullifies the code2GOD of the Word of GOD and becomes a human “stories of the Bible.”


We call the Bible “scripture” which means a script. This script is a “code for life”, “how to act” and therefore its “life’s direction”.
The Original Holy Bible
  • The original Bible (Old Testament) was written in Biblical Hebrew which has never ever been changed.
  • The original Bible in Hebrew carries various meanings and codes of GOD.
  • Any translation, or any slight change, will cause the loss of the code2GOD and the deep meaning of each word.
  • Translate Bible becomes merely a story of the Bible and loses the holiness of the Word of GOD since it has been decoded by merely a human.

The most authoritative translation by King James was published in 1611 with much dramatization and flowery language, creating myths that are not written in the original Bible. Example “skies שמים” was misinterpreted to “heavens”  and the oryx animal was translated to “unicorn.” Misconceptions of Satan and others followed the misinterpretation.

39 Books of The Bible

There are 24 books and 929 chapters. The first 5 books are called תורה Torah and they are the holiest Word of GOD:

  • Genesis בראשית
  • Exodus שמות
  • Leviticus ויקרא
  • Numbers במדבר
  • Deuteronomy דברים


Original Bible Stats

The original Bible from GOD (the intelligent designer of our world or the universe) has never ever changed:

  • 929 chapters
  • 23,204 sentences
  • 306,757 words
  • 1,202,972 characters
What is "scripture"?

Why the Bible is called “scripture”?

Scripture means a script as a “code for life”, “how to act” and therefore it’s “life’s direction”.

The Bible is made of the original known also as Old Testament. In a much later time, a much more modern addition of Jesus’ life was added and it’s called the New Testament.


All religions unite with HOLY LAND MAN
Nonprofit Mission Statement

GOD’s original Bible is in Hebrew and has never been altered, is a mathematical code deciphered by HOLY LAND MAN based on 10 methodologies called “code2GOD”. 

code2GOD is a 501(c)3 with three missions:

1. Educate 5 billion Bible believers that only the original Bible in Hebrew (23,204 verses, 306,757 words, 1,202,972 characters) represents the Word of GOD and is based on His code. Any human traslation and it becomes a “story of the Bible” losing it’s code.

2. Provide the world with the scientific proof of GOD discovered by HOLY LAND MAN. The Biblical proof reveals an intelligent designer and scientific facts ahead of our modern times.

3. Define GOD in a non-religious way and teach the public 

4. Improving lives based on HOLY LAND MAN’s understanding of the code2GOD. 

5. Disband myths created to advance religious self-interests (such as: hell, heaven, satan, sin) which have been exploited to scare, promote fighting, hate, political and financial gains and manipulate the public minds. 

Our mission is to provide the proof of an intelligent designer (GOD) of our lives, our world, and possibly the universe. We want to know: What’s our purpose in life? What is a good person? We will teach the world a higher spiritual human connection with GOD directly without any religion.

What is religion & its sects?

About 4.8 billion people in the world believe in the Bible which is about 56% of the world’s population. The original Holy Bible can be read by only about 1 million people with almost 100% of them being religious orthodox Jews. Of them, only a few thousand people can academically and scientifically comprehend 

Human translated Bible is wrong

The Word of GOD is a code and should be only read “as is” in Hebrew. Misinterpretation of GOD & The Original Hebrew Bible

For example, HOLY LAND MAN points out that the very first and very important sentence of the Bible has four significant misinterpretations:

  1. Bereshit בראשית is not “beginning” which denotes a human linear time but rather “head of”some nonlinear time.  



You may believe in GOD and not in your born religion. Your trust in GOD, or GOD’s being a leading force in your life, doesn’t have to manifest itself via your born religion. 

Any religion is merely an interpretation of the Bible and hence some interpretation 


Once one is familiar with the source Word of GOD, the original Hebrew Bible, one can’t rely any longer on any religion to misinterpret it for them. 

For example, HOLY LAND MAN points out that the very first and very important sentence of the Bible has four significant misinterpretations:

  1. Bereshit בראשית is not “beginning” which denotes a human linear time but rather “head of”some nonlinear time.  

Therefore, religions may claim that they 

what is the biblical code2god?

The bible code by HOLY LAND MAN and Don Juravin
Vibration value to each letter

22 letters of the divine language of the Bible. Each has a unique vibration frequency. First 10 are valued at 1 to 10. Next 8 are valued 20 to 90. Next 4 are valued 100 to 400.

code2GOD methodology #1

Words have frequency number

Each word has a vibration power of the combined letters. Similar vibration power may indicate similar or complimenting divine meanings.

code2GOD methodology #2

Each letter has a full name

Each letter has a personality, a name, and the name has a vibration value.

code2GOD methodology #3

Words' meaning based on numbers

Two words can equal a third meaning.

code2GOD methodology #4

Multiplier within a value of word or sentence

Each word or a sentence has a value. The important ones are a multiplier of an important other word or a prime number. This code carries a special meaning from GOD. 

Example: Jacob 182 יעקב is 7×26 (26 is יהוה the Holy name of LORD) while Joseph 156 is 6×26. The difference between them is 26 which is יהוה LORD.

Sentences have numerical hidden meaning

A complete sentence in the original Hebrew Bible will have a numerical value with a possible hidden meaning or message.

code2GOD methodology #5


Multiple meanings in same the same Hebrew word. 

Helpless trouble 295 צרה  is also an Opening 295 צהר for a new opportunity.

A word can be reassembled into into few words or a new sentence to explain the meaning of that word.

code2GOD methodology #6

Pi π invented & used by GOD

Pi π number has endless digits after the period. Pi π is the ratio of the circumference of any circle to the diameter of that circle. Regardless of the circle’s size, this ratio will always equal Pi. 

Example: a vibration value of the word תורה Torah  (Holy first 5 books of the bible) is 611. The sum of the first 611 numbers after the period is 2701 which is the value of the first sentence in the original Bible.

More such examples scientifically prove that the Bible was created by an intelligent designer of life who also relies on science.

Unique numbers

Repeating digits like 44 (blood דם) or 444 have a more special meaning in the code.

Sequensial numbers like Sperm 277 זרע + egg 512 ביצה ביצית =789 fertilized egg

In a way, it reminds the poker game values.

Similar meanings based on numerical value

The four patriarchs fathers Abraham אברהם, Jacob יעקב and Issac יצחק have together 13 Hebrew characters just like the four matriarchs mothers: Sara שרה, Rebecca רבקה, Rachel רחל, and Leah לאה. 

Natural logarithm "e"

It’s invigorating to find in the Bible the earth circim code2GOD of the Bible uses the scientific “e” natural logarithm when accurately and relatively decoding the Bible’s names for the earth, sun and the moon size, for example. 


HOLY LAND MAN portrait

HOLY LAND MAN from Jerusalem is one of the few people in the world who can read the original Bible in Hebrew, understand it and create the complete code2GOD based on 10 code methods. 

For the first time ever in history, the original Bible in Hebrew was decoded to better understand our existence. The code provides scientific proof of the existence of an intelligent designer of humanity, the world, and probably the universe. We call that designer and creator: GOD

The divine code will help humankind to understand GOD. Those who follow the code2GOD will have a life of happiness and ultimately, purpose. 

I found no evidence in the original Bible to support any religion over another. GOD seems to want to be appreciated for his creation of the world and for the freedom we enjoy today. 

GOD wants us to obey the Ten Commandments which were partially misinterpreted by current translations and some religions. Otherwise, the code2GOD reveals GOD’s amazing manuscript for a purposeful life of happiness with minimal worries.

HOLY LAND MAN abilities

HOLY LAND MAN was born in Jerusalem close to Jesus’ birthplace and Mont Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments from GOD. He studied the original Hebrew Bible for 12 years while in school but never in a religious manner.

He’s the son of a Holocaust surviving family and he served in the Israeli army defending the Holy Land. He believes in science and knows the value of spirituality. While always believing in a superpower force that is responsible for his and our lives, he is not a religious person. 

At the end of 2018 he had a revelation that can only be understood as a divine inspiration. He started seeing THE CODE. Similarly to Einstein, HOLY LAND MAN got hints in his dreams which felt compelled to pursue though he is a pragmatic individual. He was not clear why would GOD hand him those amazing hints which can change humanity’s understanding of GOD.