IS THERE A GOD? ANY GOD? part-8 Conclusion

Holy Land Man has demonstrated to you, using seven different scientific methods of evidence, the existence of GOD. Holy Land Man has proven the existence of a very intelligent designer of life and of probably this universe.
 RAW LANGUAGE: 30 years of human and divine thoughts originated in the Biblical Hebrew language and hence the raw English translation. These are the best Biblical thoughts in the world but the real one is for you to decide. I’m merely your Biblical messenger.

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IS THERE A GOD? ANY GOD? part-8 Conclusion

The Conclusion

Holy Land Man has demonstrated to you, using seven different scientific methods of evidence, the existence of GOD. Holy Land Man has proven the existence of a very intelligent designer of life and of probably this universe. 

At this stage and for the purpose of this research of “Is There a GOD?” Holy Land Man has not made any further conclusions (and you should therefore not intuitively assume) that: 

  1. That GOD belongs to any religion. HOLY LAND MAN concluded that GOD is “merely” the one responsible for our existence. 
  2. HOLY LAND MAN has not aimed to prove here that the Bible is true or that any religion is right.
  3. The fact that HOLY LAND MAN’s conclusion is that there is a GOD, responsible for our creation,  doesn’t mean that He/She/It is still responsible for our existence.
  4. Concluding that there is a GOD doesn’t conclude that GOD is anything that any religion tells us
  5. Even if there is a GOD, there is no reason to become religious because HOLY LAND MAN has not concluded that GOD has influence over our daily lives
  6. HOLY LAND MAN have merely established that we are part of an intelligence design and that we are not here by coincidence
  7. HOLY LAND MAN is yet to establish what God wants and if we do what God’s wants, will it better our lives

As noted at the outset, around each of these evidences was written an entire polemical literature of criticisms, responses to criticism, evidence and counter-evidence. Anyone who is interested in refuting them is invited to be respectful and first of all seriously study the subject, and read the books and articles written about it. Unfortunately many atheist polemics do not bother to do so, but are content to present a “straw man” of the claim in order to reject it with contempt.

Jumping Within The Reality Created By GOD

Even if none of the evidence is absolute proof, their great power stems from putting them together. In fact, they can be seen as a move that reveals a series of unexpected “jumps” within reality. 

  • The first leap is in vain: the very fact that something exists and nothing does, and that something that appeared after it did not exist (the cosmological evidence). 
  • The second leap is a chaos to order: the emergence of a permanent law according to which all parts of the universe move (the evidence from the laws of nature). 
  • The third leap is inanimate to the living: the emergence of living organisms, which are the most complex works in the universe (evidence from design or complexity). 
  • The fourth leap is from life to consciousness: the emergence of consciousnesses in general, and of human consciousness in particular, capable of understanding the universe (the evidence from consciousness). 
  • The fifth jump is from consciousness to morality: the existence of moral intuitions that indicate the existence of absolute good and evil (the evidence from morality). 
  • The sixth leap is from an ordinary experience to an experience of religious revelation (the evidence from the revelation), and the seventh leap is the leap from ordinary human existence to the unique existence of the people of Israel, as predicted in the Torah (evidence from the history of the people of Israel).

Atheists want us to believe that all these jumps happened by chance, that they are the result of inanimate particles of matter and blind natural forces and nothing more. In case the universe appeared, in case it has a permanent legitimacy, in case life appeared out of matter, in case they developed consciousness, in case moral sense appeared and so on. But how likely is it to believe that all this happened by chance?

Order or Chaos 

If we were to ask someone who has no idea about our universe, what he thinks a planned universe should look like and what a randomly created universe would look like – he would probably answer that a planned universe will have laws, complexity, diverse creatures, consciousness and constant progress, while in an unplanned universe – if in general, such a thing is possible – there will probably be chaos that leads nowhere, and if something happens to it, it will soon be destroyed. Certainly there is no reason for it to have things like consciousness, morality or the people of Israel. Then we would remove the “veil of ignorance” and show the same questioner the universe as it is today, about its exact laws of nature, the variety of living beings, and humanity on the whole of its works and achievements in all fields. 

Which of the two options is more reasonable? Is it not clear that our universe contains too many surprising “jumps” to assume that it is the product of blind chance?

When one considers the arguments expressed in this evidence (and other philosophical evidence, which is not presented here), then the existence of GOD becomes extremely rational and plausible. This is not a blind belief, a “flying spaghetti monster” or an “imaginary friend” as many atheists mock, but a very rational belief, based on mental arguments, held by many good minds, philosophers and scholars in human history.

Even if there is no absolute certainty here, there are still very good reasons to believe in GOD. And so we live our lives in every area – not according to absolute proofs – that do not exist in any subject in the world – but according to what seems reasonable, logical, and convincing. And enough of the evidence we have brought shows that the existence of GOD is certainly plausible, logical, and convincing.

Loving GOD without religion by HOLY LAND MAN
Loving GOD without religion by HOLY LAND MAN

Don Juravin was born in the Holy Land, not far from the birthplace of Jesus (and where Moses met GOD and was given the wisdom of the Ten Commandments), and he reads the Bible in its original language, the Word of GOD.

Don Juravin, therefore, understands GOD’s direction and even intentions, and as a result, he does not believe in any religion but instead in GOD and the original Bible. With almost three million followers, referring to him as HOLY LAND MAN, he is devoted to bypass religion and share the love of GOD directly with the people. On different occasions in his life, he was inspired by further readings of the Bible and produced additional articles.

These sacred documents are HOLY LAND MAN’s divine inspiration and are intended to make the people of the world think and debate. They are not intended to tell people what to do or what to believe. Each soul will find its truth in the relationship with GOD.