RAW LANGUAGE: 30 years of human and divine thoughts originated in the Biblical Hebrew language and hence the raw English translation. These are the best Biblical thoughts in the world but the real one is for you to decide. I’m merely your Biblical messenger.
Evidence of human molarity

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Most mentally healthy human beings have basic and very strong moral intuitions embedded in them, intuitions that things like murder, robbery, and harm to innocent people are negative. The way in which the same moral intuitions are applied varies, of course, from society to society, as do the definitions to whom moral rules apply, but there is no society in history that has not recognized the existence of morality and justice even at the basic level.

Not only do people feel intense moral feelings, but they also lead their lives according to them, sometimes with significant concessions to pleasures and satisfaction to the point of self-sacrifice, and even go to war against those they perceive as behaving immorally.