RAW LANGUAGE: 30 years of human and divine thoughts originated in the Biblical Hebrew language and hence the raw English translation. These are the best Biblical thoughts in the world but the real one is for you to decide. I’m merely your Biblical messenger.
Be open to evidence whatever it maybe

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He who rejects in advance any testimony that sounds “delusional” to him only because of his prejudices about reality, and what may or may not be in it, is not a rational person but dogmatic and closed. Anyone who is willing to accept extraordinary evidence after reasonable criticism may indeed sometimes err and believe wrong things. But he who denies them all resolutely may be much more mistaken.

To sum up: in the pre-filming era, people would believe the stories of travelers to faraway lands about the animals, people, and places they saw there, even though they did not see them themselves. If many reliable people testify that they saw something with their own eyes, why not believe them? There is no reason for us to deny the innumerable testimonies of divine revelation and religious experience, simply because they cannot be photographed.

When millions of people throughout history and in our time are witnessing encounters with the divine, there are two possibilities: either everyone is hallucinating, or they are actually seeing something that not everyone is seeing. And since the choice of the possibility of hallucination drops the ground beneath our ability to recognize reality as real, the obvious choice is to treat those testimonies as real and see them as evidence for the existence of GOD.