Marriage Challenge

Roles and expectations have changed since you first met. Before it’s too late, let’s challenge the relationship and realign it from the ground up. Marriage tune-up. The marriage challenge will do wonders for your relationship.

Holy Land Man, using the sacred code2GOD of the original Bible prepared the world’s most challenging premarital test. 

What is the difference between just living like a wilting plant and fully living life in celebration? The passion of life affects our moods at every moment, and our moods will always reflect our passion for life in that moment.

Having a passion for life is what drives us toward anything we want to achieve. Without that passion, we ​can’t move forward. We all strive for a fun and purposeful life and that desire is what motivates most of us. But the only thing that can truly motivate us is our passion and drive for a better future. 

Our desire for a better life affects everything we do and determines whether we do things with desire and willingness, or with reluctance and bitterness. We can get up in the morning happily or nervously, we can fulfill our duties willingly or reluctantly, we can face our difficulties with determination or depression, and all according to what we want out of our lives.

Life Is Hard But Wonderful

What is the difference between living life wilting and living life in celebration? The passion of life affects our moods at every moment, and our moods will always reflect our passion for life in that moment.

When our passion for life has diminished, we have more negative thoughts. We are more vulnerable, angrier, and more likely to see other people in a negative light. We don’t have the inner strength to feel joy, to strive, nor overcome fatigue, lack of desire, and lack of interest. And above all, we don’t have the power to do the things we have to do every day.

With a high passion for life, we ​​are more willing to take action and change things ourselves, to kindly acknowledge our mistakes, and to forgive others for theirs. Fatigue, boredom, and resentment are all signs of low life desire, while vigor and joy and the ability to quickly overcome negative emotions are all signs of high life desire. A low passion for life affects everyone who is with us and creates a heavy atmosphere around us.

But how do you move from “wilting” to “beauty”? With two tools. Your first tool is to divert attention from the actions you do to their results: “what a beauty, create a good atmosphere”, “what a beauty, strengthen the relationship”, “what a beauty, learn to have conversations”. This is how you give value and importance to the results of the things you do, instead of concentrating only on the actions themselves.

Be Smarter, Not Right, Avoid Marital Relationship Conflicts

Are there dishes in the sink? We can say to ourselves, “I have no power for the dishes,” or we can awaken in ourselves the importance of washing the dishes: “Well, I will have a tidy kitchen.” Our partner wants an intimate evening with us and we are exhausted? We can say “I have no power for sex”,  or we can say: “Beauty, there will be more love in our lives”.

The “wilting” people are focused on the deeds they need to do: washing dishes, preparing a presentation, giving up sleep, or watching a TV series. So who really wants to move themself? While the “what a beauty” people are focused on the rewards of the deeds they have to do like being in a tidier home or success at work.

Your second tool is to change the things you say. And do not forget the following rule: The things we say not only reflect what we feel, but they also create what we feel.

People of “wilting” have the habit of saying “wilting” things about tasks and challenges, and every “wilting” person expresses their reluctance while reinforcing their reluctance. People of “beauty” have the habit of saying “beauty” about the improvement that their tasks bring them, and every “beauty” both expresses their good feelings and strengthens it.

Life is more important than winning against others

So when you decide to strengthen your passion for life, you focus on what you will achieve as a result of fulfilling your tasks, and you always say positive things about these tasks regardless of how you feel about them. Another “beauty” instead of a “wilting”, and another, and another, and slowly you destroy the old ways and build a new way of living built upon a passion and desire for life. Holy Land Man is known to solve married couples’ problems in a playful way and in an untraditional way.

A short lesson in personal training: Find the word that defines who you are, and then find a new word that will define who you want to be.

Without us noticing it, each of us has some personal word that defines us. For example, “success” is the word of one for whom success is the most important thing, or “fun” is the word of one who invests most of his time in pleasures. Our word is the inner engine, and it expresses our goals, our way of life, and our heart’s desires. Without knowing it at all, we organize our lives around it. Holy Land Man, using the sacred code2GOD of the original Bible prepared the world’s most challenging premarital test. 

So what’s your “word?” Even if you have never thought about it, and you have no idea what your “word” is, you will always find it in the shadows of your actions and thoughts, and feelings. As long as we are not aware of our “word”, we are sure that overall “this is what we are used to”.

If, for example, we always “take things straight to our hearts” everything we are told, we are actually activated by the word “offended”. So let’s get acquainted with some examples of personalities organized around “word”:

  • A critical person is organized around the word “facility.” He perceives himself as having a mission to correct the flaws of the world. He feels he is responsible for keeping the world on a proper agenda, and he will not miss an opportunity to criticize or comment.
  • A person who always feels right is organized around the word “right.” He perceives himself as a fighter for justice who came into the world to prove that things should always be as he sees them.
  • A person who always feels that other people are doing him an injustice is organized around the word “poor”. It is the victim who suffers because of the opacity of the wicked, and he feels that his mission is to prove to these wicked that they are to blame for the suffering of the world.

What Is The “Word?”

Don Juravin explains that the “word” is a kind of personal slogan that keeps us fenced off within our personal story and within our personal drama so that we always function in a way that suits our character. You can call it the “comfort zone” or “behavior patterns” or “habits,” but either way, it’s always the constant personal expression of each of us emotionally, mentally, and operatively, and it always gets its inspiration from our personal flag: the flag of justice, the flag of truth, the flag of peace, the flag of goodness, the flag of comfort, the flag of diligence, the flag of sacrifice, and so on.

But there is a problem with “our word.” It is so attached to us that it becomes our second name, and we feel we must be coordinated with it. Then we must always be right, always be the good side, responsible for our own conduct and rules. And when you are always closed within your special “word”, your perception of reality is biased to one side of your personality, and there is no expression for the rest of it.

How Important Is To Be “Right”?

If, for example, being right is the most important thing to you, you do not see the justice of others, or if you are critical, you are not sensitive to the feelings of the one you are criticizing. So our “word” can be a minefield in our relationships with others.

But the “word” is not only a problem, it can also be a lever for the change we want to bring about in ourselves. How? If we choose for ourselves a new “word” that will suit who we want to be. Let’s let Don Juravin tell you how he chose the “word” he wanted.

Of course, just like you, Don Juravin did not know about the existence of a “word” in any of us. Until one day, completely by accident, he actually saw himself defined and activated by the word “wise”. It was revealed to Don Juravin when he realized that he sees himself as the smartest person in the world, he invests all his mental resources in studying, reading, and expanding horizons. Don Juravin does not like to tell you this, but he was sure he was appointed to the position of opening the eyes of others to see their stupidity.

As this understanding shone within Don Juravin, he also realized that because of his “word” he did not see his own stupidity, nor did he see the wisdom of others. And so Don Juravin decided to choose for himself a “word” that would better suit who he really wants to be, humble and accepting, and not arrogant and boastful.

One day it popped into Don Juravin’s head just like that! All of a sudden the word “balance” came out of nowhere. All at once, everything worked out inside him. For at once Don Juravin saw a world of whole human beings who are “both”, and he is among them: both wise and foolish, both good and bad, both fair and selfish. Something inside Don Juravin straightened up that day, and the world suddenly took on meaning.

What else does Don Juravin have to say about this? Just that you too will find the right “word” for who you want to be, and it will already activate you according to the values ​​and dimensions it represents. Holy Land Man is known to solve married couples’ problems in a playful way and in an untraditional way.

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