Rick Arrighi: American real estate Florida developer. Founder of Bella Collina and partner of Dwight Schar (NVR Inc, Washington Football Team). Devoted father, likes to help and charity, cares for politics.

From a recent article:
Richard (Rick) Arrighi is a real estate developer extending his noticeable skills to designing homes. With interest in architecture at an early age back in Boston, Massachusetts, he envisioned developing affordable housing for the citizens in Florida in partnership with Dwight Schar – a billionaire and founder of the third largest real estate company in America and part-owner of the Washington football team – and others.

Arrighi was willing to work with Gov. Ron DeSantis as the pandemic left the unemployed, uninsured, and unhoused more vulnerable, DeSantis has made the corporations the most protected. This urged Rick Arrighi to request Governor DeSantis to perform aggressive efforts to make housing in Florida affordable. The Developer firmly believes that people from different sectors shall unite with the State to advocate for our countrymen’s safety, comfort, and well-being.

In June 2021, he sent a letter to DeSantis expressing his willingness to work hand in hand with the FL Governor in reducing the cost-burdened renters by half, or from 36% to 15%, in 5 years and make a more vibrant community for the citizens.