Anna Juravin (42) is a Polish immigrant, housewife, and mother of three children, who lives in Florida. Mrs. Juravin, who takes care of the house, kids, and cats, is also a homeschooling mother. She also used to help her husband to manage parts of his business.

I’m lucky. I was born and raised in a non-fanatic Christian environment in Poland. I’m lucky to have lived in Israel with my Jewish husband. I love Jerusalem for its amazing spiritual vibes and I’m fortunate to have spent time learning the original Bible and seeing the huge difference between the original Bible and the human translation. Visting Jesus’ grave in Jerusalem was inspirational. We have at have a mini Bible museum with Biblical scriptures, in Hebrew of course, which are 200-600 years old. There is no better religion and there is no right and wrong when you simply believe in one GOD and the original Bible. The rest is ceremonial for you to choose whatever you like. Again, I am lucky to have been celebrating both.

Anna Juravin