About Don Juravin

I was born in 1964 in the Holy Land to a holocaust survivor’s family. My grandfather Karl fought the Nazis in Europe and then escaped to Israel from Austria in an underground ship called Exodus. My mother and uncle were babies when the Nazis experimented on them in the hospital lab.

“A partisan, by definition, is a fighter who sabotages an occupying army. The Jewish partisans waged guerrilla warfare against the Nazis, but much more importantly, they defied the extermination of their people, their culture, and their religion, fighting to preserve the memory of their past and the possibility of their future.”

ELIE WIESEL – Jew in the Nazi Concentration Camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald 

After World War II, some 250,000 European Jews were living in displaced person camps within Germany and Austria, often under harsh conditions. Zionist organizations then began organizing an underground network known as the Brichah (“flight,” in Hebrew), which moved thousands of Jews from the camps to ports on the Mediterranean Sea, so they could then be sent to the Holy Land (which was then controlled by the British) by ship.

My family is the founders of the state of Israel and they have fought to liberate it from the British occupation. In a way, similar to George Washington’s liberation of the states from the British.

I grew up speaking Hebrew and listing to my European holocaust surviving family speaking German. Hebrew is the language of the Bible. It’s the code language of GOD instructing his chosen people and the world how to achieve the best of life. Understanding the Bible MUST be done ONLY when reading it in Hebrew.

Since we, humans, don’t understand instructions well, GOD is delivering his instructions to us in stories and testimonials: the 27 books of the Bible (Old Testament), the 5 books of the New Testament and

I served in the Israeli military (Israel Defense Forces) first in a tank division in the south and then in the intelligence.

Israeli Army - Defending the Jewish state surrounded by 270 hostile enemies
Israeli Army – Defending the Jewish state surrounded by 270 hostile enemies

I then continued to Germany where I studied in the American military base in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe alongside American military personnel. My studies were geared to become a medical doctor.

I then transferred to Gonzaga University, (a Jesuit, Catholic, Humanistic University). While finishing my pre-med

—- in the works ——

I will continue to protect, warn, and inform the public.

Author of the upcoming book, Fixing America to be #1, Don Karl Juravin is not afraid to give people the reviews and news they need to hear in order to keep themselves safe.

Through his work and inventions, Don Juravin has improved the lives of thousands of people. He invented a regimen for the morbidly obese to achieve a healthy weight which will be available to the public once clinical trials are done. He has improved the lives of thousands of people. Now he continues to do so by researching claims of fraud and scams, informing the people of the problem, and therefore protecting them from harm.

Where most people would settle for a business profit, Don Juravin is more interested in ensuring that justice is done. Justice must be taken care of in order to protect HEALTH, HAPPINESS, LOVE, and SUCCESS.