Guar Gum Effects On Weight Reduction, Cravings And Diabetes in GLOBESITY Bootcamp for the Obese

Guar gum decreases body weight by 1.8 lbs (~0.81 kg) in overweight adults and those with additional risk factors for cardiovascular disease (Jovanovski 2020).
Guar gum increases satiety for 10 hours (Faris 1998).
Guar gum decreases daily energy intake by 310 calories (Pasman 1997b). That is a weight loss of ~2.5 kg (5.3 lbs) per month or 30 kg (66 lbs) per year.
Guar gum increases the ratio of the healthy to unhealthy gut flora by 100% to 1,000% (Fak 2015, Ohashi 2015, Berger 2014, Okubo 1994). An unhealthy microbiome promotes sugar cravings (Roberfroid 2010).